Monday, December 12, 2011

Favorite Series Week - Chickens to the Rescue by John Himmelman

Copyright ©2006 by John Himmelman

The chickens on the Greenstalk farm are quite extraordinary.  From Monday through Saturday, whenever there is a mishap on the family’s farm, a flock of approximately 30 chickens come to the family and farm animals’ aide.  Farmer Greenstalk drops his watch down the well, the dog eats the son's book report, a duck steals the family truck, a cow gets blown into a tree, the sheep get lost,  and one day Mrs. Greenstalk is simply too tired to cook dinner - no problem,  Chickens to the Rescue!
There is always one chicken nearby, on the lookout, when a distressing events occurs.  This chicken surely must inform the others, because the rest of the flock immediately appears in full force. That is except on Sunday, when daughter Greenstalk spills her breakfast on the floor making a mess.  Accustomed to the chickens swooping in, the family waits expectantly, but the chickens are a no show.
The family investigates and finds the flock sleeping soundly in the chicken coop. Another set of animals, however, is perfectly willing to take over hero duties.  The ending of Chickens to the Rescue flows perfectly into the second, equally enjoyable book in the series Pigs to the Rescue.

The antics of the chickens and pigs are hilarious and the kids enjoy shouting, “Chickens to the Rescue” and "Pigs to the Rescue."  They eagerly make the appropriate clucking and oinking sound effects. Spotting the single chicken or pig with its ears cocked for a problem is a big part of the fun.  When the animals come to the rescue, to say that it is disorderly is an understatement, but the chickens do successfully get the job done, the pigs on the other hand . . .  The double pages spreads of all of the chickens or pigs, each frantically working, are full of zany details that kids will look over repeatedly. We have not yet read Himmelman's latest book in the series Cows to the Rescue but will do so soon.

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