Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Favorite Alphabet Books Week - Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel

Text and Illustrations copyright © 2005 by Nick Bruel

Kitty was not always naughty; however, when her owner runs out of Kitty's cat food and offers her an assortment of healthy fruits and vegetables from A to Z, Kitty is not happy.

The finicky feline demonstrates her displeasure by wreacking havoc in the house.

Kitty's owner then runs an errand to the grocery store to purchase more of Kitty's favorite foods - a wacky assortment of foods from A to Z.

Kitty again becomes a well-behaved pet and attempts to make amends for her atrocious behavior.
Will tempermental Kitty stay good?.....

Bad Kitty is another one of  our favorite Alphabet books. Nick Bruel's illustrations of Kitty's antics are very comical to all three of the kids and to this parent! The kids like to point out that a fang protrudes from Kitty's mouth as she becomes irate. As a proud cat family, we can totally relate to extremely finicky feline behavior. If you are searching for an entertaining way for your kids to learn their ABCs, look no further than Bad Kitty.

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