Monday, April 30, 2012

Police Officers on Patrol by Kersten Hamilton illustrated by R. W. Alley

Text copyright © Kersten Hamilton 2009, Illustrations copyright © R.W. Alley 2009

Three police officers head to the station wearing their civilian clothes. They get dressed, "Uniforms! Badge! Radio! Police officers, getting ready to go!" Now in uniform, they charge out the door with Officer Carl on traffic patrol, Officer Jan on mounted patrol and Officer Mike on crime patrol.

Sergeant Santole radios each of the officers as the need arises to get a "situation under control." First, a traffic jam is caused by two squirrels tampering with a street light.
Next, a little boy wanders away from his mom and gets lost.
Lastly, two thieves rob a bank of its ATM machine.
The officers immediately respond. Once an issue has been resolved,the police officers report, "Situation? Under Control! "When people need help, we rock and roll!"

Kersten Hamilton's Police Officers on Patrol is a delightful story told in rhyme. However, it is  the combinatition of R.W. Alley's illustrations that elevated this very cute library book to a required purchase for our home in 2009.  Alley has included many details in his illustrations for kids to pour over -  an eager little police dog that keeps getting underfoot, a red balloon that floats away from a baby and reappears throughout the story.  There are many details that we didn't even notice until having read the  book for several years. Study the illustration of the traffic jam carefully. You will glimpse some of the characters who are later woven into the story.  For instance, you can spot the men who will rob the bank hiding in the back of a truck and the little tyke who will become lost, riding in a car with his mother.

Pair Police Officers on Patrol  with Fireman Small by Wong Herbert Yee for a fun introduction to public servants for your preschooler.

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